“Meraklidika” by the Kyriakakis family


For more than 25 years, the Kyriakakis family has been engaged in producing traditional Cretan and olive-oil-based products.

The so-called “Meraklidika” is a family affair; it is where our personal passion meets modern production technology. This leads to the production of high-quality and certified products that stay loyal to tradition and the distinctive flavours of Cretan gastronomy.


Stuffed vine leaves (“dolmadakia”) “Greens & Yellows”

Stuffed vine leaves (“dolmadakia”) are made with tender vine leaves grown in Cretan vineyards. They are filled with rice and herbs following the authentic traditional homemade recipe.


Fried sweet mizithra cheese pies

Made with traditional fried phyllo and soft and sweet mizithra cheese. This sweet delicacy is a certified traditional Greek product you can enjoy at all times (e.g., breakfast, dessert).


Sfakian pies (“Sfakianes pites”)

One of the most popular Cretan treats originating from the region of Sfakia. Thin phyllo dough encases a layer of sour mizithra cheese.

Ravioli stuffed with cheese and wild edible Cretan greens (“horta”)

When mizithra and anthotyro cheese are coupled with fresh sautéed wild edible greens (“horta”), the essence of Crete can be tasted in just one bite.

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Homemade pie filled with wild edible greens (“horta”)

This delicious pie is made with traditional phyllo and aromatic Cretan greens baked in olive oil. Comes in an ideal size.

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Stuffed cabbage rolls with rice

Cabbage rolls filled with rice and Cretan herbs. Made with love according to a traditional homemade recipe.

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“Meraklidika” and the Cretan dietary culture

Our commitment to authentic Cretan dietary culture is already clear from the ingredients used in our recipes. Cretan olive oil mainly produced in our own olive groves is the base of our recipes. We also use local dairy products and flour from selected and certified producers as well as wild edible greens (“horta”) grown on Cretan soil.

As some of our base ingredients are seasonal (e.g., mizithra cheese, wild edible greens, courgette blossoms, etc.) we make sure to plan our production accordingly so that you can enjoy our products and delicacies all year round.

Production comes next. In this stage, tradition is at the forefront. Cretan recipes are followed religiously and are ideal for everyone who wants to taste them at home, at a hotel, or at a restaurant of their choice.

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