“Greens & Yellows” and Cretan diet over summer

Summer is probably everyone’s favourite season! The word “summer” brings back memories of holidays, relaxation, beaches, delicious food, and high temperatures.

Temperatures rise and so does the number of calories our body burns. This is exactly why summer is the ideal season to lose weight by following a light and healthy diet! This is when products of the “Greens & Yellows” series come into play. Their ingredients are clean and are part of the tradition of the island of Crete: fresh vine leaves from Cretan vineyards for making “dolmadakia,” tender courgette flowers for making “courgette flowers” and unique wild edible greens (“horta”) along with Cretan herbs for making “hortopita.” All of them are cooked with extra virgin olive oil.

The Cretan summer diet consists of delicious and completely healthy meals: salads with fresh vegetables, cooked legumes, boiled legumes in salads, and wild edible greens that grow on our island. All of them are paired with olive oil, the cornerstone of our local cuisine. Olive oil offers our body all the “good” types of fat. Therefore, nutritionists and dieticians recommend it as the best kind of oil.

Serve “Greens & Yellows” at your summer gatherings. Enjoy delicious dishes from Crete together with your family and friends. Choose meals with high nutritional value and unique taste!