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All products of the “Greens & Yellows” series are vegan products certified by “The Vegan Society.” The series includes stuffed vine leaves (“dolmadakia”), courgette flowers, and Cretan pies filled with wild edible greens (“horta”). We always wanted to showcase and promote Cretan recipes not only in Greece but also globally. This is what led us to the production of the “Greens & Yellows” series.

The three main products of the “Greens & Yellows” series are “dolmadakia” made with vine leaves from Cretan vineyards, tender courgette flowers with a Cretan aroma, and pies filled with wild edible greens and herbs. The series got its name from the distinctive colours of the recipes and dishes.

We created three delicious dishes inspired by authentic Cretan recipes. All of them are ideal for vegetarians. We also know that they are an excellent choice for all consumers as they are a tasty treat for all palates.

Recently, our hand-wrapped “dolmadakia” that are prepared with extra virgin olive oil received the Silver Award at the 2020 Mediterranean Taste Awards. This award showed us once again the paramount importance of paying close attention to high-quality production and using local recipes and locally produced ingredients.

The “Greens & Yellows” series is produced in Crete and targets the global market. Based on traditional Cretan recipes, this series connects the past with the present as well as natural ingredients with a modern lifestyle.

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